Secure Cloud Hosting

Secure, performant, reliable, and fully managed hosting for your web app, API, or website. We go many steps beyond traditional hosting to ensure that every technical detail powering your web property meets our high standards for technical excellence.


High security standards
and encryption throughout.


High speed, reliable,
cloud-based infrastructure.


Backed and monitored by
knowledgeable experts.

Fully Managed Service

Our fully managed service means the performance and security of your application is supported by our experts. See how we stack up against the norm:

Feature CodeRed Heroku WP Engine GoDaddy
Free SSL certificate included.
All data encrypted in motion throughout hosting environment.
Passwords and API keys stored encrypted. 1
Servers patched and updated daily.
Your app frameworks kept up-to-date with security patches. 1 partially
Full IPv6 enabled environment. partially VPS only
DDOS and other attack protection at DNS-level. 2
You own and have access to your site and its data at all times.
Global content delivery network. 2
Fast server-level caching.
Aggressive server-level static content compression.
Includes support.
Instant response if an error occurs.
Your site availability and uptime specifically monitored.
Includes domain name management support.
Fully managed service.

Engineered for Brilliant Technology

Our infrastructure is fine-tuned and security-hardened for a variety of application frameworks.

Microsoft .NET
Bootstrap Responsive Design
Microsoft Azure
Google Cloud Platform
Amazon Web Services
Azure Active Directory
Office 365

1. Excludes usage of unsupported 3rd party themes, plugins, and software as determined by CodeRed upon analysis of web property.
2. Requires opt-in approval from client to use our CloudFlare DNS at no additional cost.