Cleveland’s Web Development & Cloud Hosting Experts

Quality software development for Marketing, IT departments, Small Businesses, and Non-profits.
Our highly skilled local team handles every aspect of your web app – from code to ongoing maintanence.

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Building a Better Web

Web development & cloud services with security at the core.

We’re not just another tech firm — we’re a better way of building technology. Our unique fusion of web development, cloud services, and security enables us to produce results that are 3 steps ahead of everyone else.

Build it Better with CodeRed

Web Development, Cloud, and Security

orchestrated together for a better way of building

Secure Web Development

Cutting-edge, simple in design, and expertly crafted. Quality and longevity is ensured through agile development, code reviews, and obsessive documentation.

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Managed Cloud Hosting

Migrating to the cloud is easy with CodeRed. Our platform is built atop leading cloud providers and enhanced with security and performance optimizations — ensuring that your app is fast, reliable, and secure.

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Cyber Security

Not only does security ensure operational excellence within our own firm — it provides insight to how the ever-changing threat landscape can impact yours.

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Who is CodeRed?

We’re people who want to bring the technical excellence typically found in top-tier tech companies to Cleveland, Ohio.

CodeRed was founded out of a desire to do better. To build things the right way. To constantly raise the bar.

Forged from frustration with corporate IT failures and marketing agency mis-fires, CodeRed was formed to be a company in Ohio where talented highly skilled people could thrive. Consequently - CodeRed has the engineering know-how and world-class cloud hosting platform that enables our clients to easily and cheaply improve their webistes, APIs, and web applictions.

About CodeRed