Documents & Slides

Wagtail Space US 2020 - Building a Large-Scale Hosting Platform July 31, 2020

Designing a new hosting platform for managing many Wagtail sites.

PyOhio 2019 - Build Your Personal Website with Python July 28, 2019

A look at popular website/blog options in 2019, concluded with a live tutorial of building a blog with CodeRed CMS.

Wagtail Space US 2019 - Why We Chose Wagtail July 26, 2019

A summary of why and how we chose Wagtail to build CodeRed CMS

PyOhio 2018 - Containers Without the Magic July 29, 2018

An intro to containers as explained by a Python dev for Python devs, without the magic tricks and flashy demos. Comparison of container conceps including virtualenv, LXC, and Docker.

ISS 2016 - Securing Your CMS Oct. 24, 2016

Making sure your beautiful new website is as trustworthy as it looks. Presented at Information Security Summit 2016.

Djangocon 2016 - Building an NLP movie suggester July 18, 2016

How we used NLP and Django to build a movie suggestion website and twitterbot.

Risk Acceptance Form Nov. 24, 2015

This form is to be used to acknowledged, justify, and/or document risk acceptance of a known deficiency.

Risk Acceptance Form Instructions Nov. 24, 2015

This provides serves as a quick reference guide for the Risk Acceptance Form. It is suggested that this document be used for communicating the form and provide an overall awareness of the Risk Acceptance Form's purpose and process.

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