Industry Focus


Your marketing team is a strategy and creative powerhouse. CodeRed is your other half providing deep technical expertise in front-end and back-end development, CMS platforms, and web hosting. Working together we can create amazing results for your clients.

Small Business

Starting up or growing your business is tough stuff. CodeRed provides simple and affordable solutions to streamline productivity and have a professional online presence. CodeRed can act as your own fully-fledged IT department for small businesses and nonprofits.


Taking online payments, preventing identity theft, managing inventories, and shipping orders. Whether it’s 100 transactions per day, or 100s of transactions per second, we at CodeRed can help your business move online.


Arguably today’s industry with the fastest growing IT needs. Revolutionary healthcare systems that have yet to be created will someday change the world as we know it. It’s our job to make sure the infrastructure powering them is reliable and secure.

Local Government

Critical infrastructure, tighter budgets, and the citizens’ best interest always the bottom line. The public sector faces challenges unique to its organization. We can help achieve a smarter, more secure IT though our experience in both private and public sectors.

B2B and Industrial

From organizing sales rep and customer accounts, to managing job sites, efficient dispatching, and field technicians, this is an industry that is service oriented and built on hard work. We have experience designing solutions that work just as hard.