About CodeRed

Building Brilliant Technology

We are a Cleveland-based technology firm specializing in secure web development and cloud services. We build brilliant technology that enables even our smallest clients to compete at the commercial level.

Our mission is to provide cutting-edge technology solutions that:

  • establish TRUST with customers,
  • ensure operational excellence within the business,
  • and create a competitive advantage for small businesses.

Scenes from our office at 55 Public Square.

How It All Started

CodeRed was founded out of a desire to do better. To build things the right way. To constantly raise the bar.

Forged from frustration with corporate IT failures and marketing agency mis-fires, CodeRed was formed to be a company in Ohio where talented highly skilled people could thrive. Consequently - CodeRed has the engineering know-how and world-class cloud hosting platform that enables our clients to easily and cheaply improve their webistes, APIs, and web applictions.

The co-founders enviosioned an IT firm that could bring skilled development, strong security, and excellent quality control to the table for every project — rather than wastefully engaging consultants to fix a project that should have been done right the first time.

With a highly skilled team, CodeRed orchestrates the many different parts of technology: development, security, design, cloud systems, and project manangement. The result is what we refer to as brilliant technology.

Bringing Brilliance to Cleveland, OH

We strongly believe in the potential of growing the technology industry in Northeast Ohio. We’re excited to be contributing to the tech scene here through our work for regional clients, involvement in the community, and locally-based workforce.