CodeRed CMS

Build a better website with the content management system specifically designed for marketing websites.

Why do marketing teams use CodeRed CMS?

EDITORS can quickly create beautiful visual content right out-of-the-box.

DEVELOPERS rejoice at customizing with plain HTML templates and Bootstrap 4.

MANAGERS are at ease thanks to professional support and high-security design.

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Plus, CodeRed is open source and 100% free to use.

Essential Marketing Features Built-In

Look ma, no plugins!

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Search Engine Optimization

Enable your site to be found on search and social media with built-in meta tags, Open Graph, structured data, sitemap, and robots.txt. Articles and blog posts support Google’s preferred AMP format.

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Responsive Design

Editors can build beautiful responsive content using components including text, buttons, images, documents, hero units, carousels, cards, modals, and so much more with the powerful grid system.

Adding a button block with tracking

Google Analytics

Full Google Analytics tracking can be turned on by adding your UA- tag. Detailed event tracking can be turned on globally and fine-tuned for each clickable element such as links, buttons, and images.

Features for Developers

Open Source

100% free to use and free to modify. We aim to provide a ready-to-use professional CMS without the costly licensing fees of bigger systems or the unreliable support of other free systems. View on Github »

Pure Bootstrap 4

All stock templates use Bootstrap 4 markup. Editors can create Bootstrap content using the admin interface and add custom CSS classes to every element. Devs can override stock templates by simply creating HTML files.

Lightning Fast Page Cache

Never chase down a slow plugin or configure an upstream cache again. The built in page cache is just as fast as serving static HTML files and works out-of-the-box. Your clients (and your AWS bill) will thank you.

Based on Python, Django, & Wagtail

pip install coderedcms
coderedcms start myproject
python migrate
python createsuperuser
python runserver

Why choose CodeRed over WordPress?

Systems such as WordPress are designed for blogs, requiring many hours of developer time and 3rd-party plugins to be made suitable for marketing content. And all those plugins lead to high maintenance, slow speed, and security holes.

CodeRed CMS comes with everything out-of-the-box to quickly build beautiful, highly visual, fast marketing websites with good SEO. No plugins required. The user-friendly admin interface and developer-friendly API saves your whole team time and frustration.

Build a Better Website.

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