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The Mythical $5/Month SaaS

Selling software like Costco hot dogs

Vince Salvino

Image credit: Photo by Ball Park Brand on Unsplash

On an almost weekly basis, I am given the free advice that we ( CodeRed Cloud ) should offer a $5/month plan. Tons of people would buy it, I am told. I myself have often had the same idea. It soun...

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Why is the Django Admin “Ugly”?

Vince Salvino Oct. 23, 2023

Image credit: CodeRed LLC

Updated October 27, 2023 to include additional quotes and commentary. While talking with people at Djangocon US, one question kept coming up: “why is the Django admin so ‘ugly’?”. I’m paraphrasin...

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Everything you never wanted to know about MySQL Charsets & Collations

Vince Salvino June 26, 2023

Image credit: "Galaxy Brain", by Jon Manning (CC-0)

In this guide I will attempt to explain character sets and collations in MySQL and MariaDB, how they cause problems, how to fix those problems, and how to fix your existing database. This is a long o...

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CodeRed Cloud Infrastructure Upgrades

Vince Salvino June 26, 2023

To all CodeRed customers - we have some huge upgrades coming your way! Today I am pleased to announce major infrastructure upgrades to CodeRed Cloud. This is an exciting development that has been i...

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breakpoint(): A Simple Way to Debug Your Python Code

Roxanna Coldiron Feb. 11, 2022

Imagine a typical work day as a developer. You write a function that's supposed to do something but either nothing happens or the wrong thing happens. Or, you are updating functions and BOOM! Nothing...

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Adding Placeholder Text to Wagtail Forms

Jeremy Childers Feb. 11, 2022

Wagtail forms let the editor customize field types and titles, but not placeholder text. While you could write a custom template and hard-code the placeholder text, this quickly becomes a burden when...

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2022 will be an Exciting Year for Wagtail

Vince Salvino Feb. 1, 2022

Image credit: CodeRed LLC

Since being released 7 years ago, Wagtail is all grown up and has matured quite well. But this year, there is a swelling of energy and initiatives surrounding Wagtail that will eclipse anything we ha...

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Announcing New Free Tier and Enterprise Plans for CodeRed Cloud

Vince Salvino Jan. 21, 2022

It's been 2 years since we initially opened up the public release of CodeRed Cloud to early adopters and beta testers. A lot of amazing things have happened in those past two years, and I am truly ...

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Golang for Python Devs

Vince Salvino Feb. 25, 2021

Image credit: Photo by Aleksandar Pasaric from Pexels

After doing Python for the past 10 years, Go seemed totally foreign. But a few days and a few hundred online searches later, I had finally cobbled together my first “real” Go program. The one thing I...

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How To Alternate Blocks in Your Django & Wagtail Templates

Roxanna Coldiron Feb. 19, 2021

When we get a website design from a designer, we have to figure out how to implement that design in the code. Sometimes this means that we need to create custom page models or custom page templates t...

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