I realize this must be the 100th COVID-19 notice in your inbox this week. I'll keep it short and sweet. In addition to our own business continuity plan, we will be offering free website services for small businesses impacted by the recent shutdowns. As a small business owner, I understand how incredibly difficult it is to survive day-to-day, let alone during a crisis. We are very fortunate at CodeRed to be sustaining minimal impact, and want to pay it forward by lending a helping hand to our fellow small businesses.

We are offering the following Business Continuity Services to any affected small organization in the United States:

  • Free website hosting for any organization that is shut down or severely impacted.
  • Free single-page website for any organization that does not have a website, or needs an emergency micro-site to communicate with your customers.
  • Free help sending mass-email campaigns during the shutdown to stay engaged with your customers.

Any business, non-profit, freelancer, church, school, or local organization in the United States, of 1 to 100 employees, impacted by the shutdown is eligible for this service immediately.

Additionally, we will suspend monthly web hosting billing, and continue providing 24x7 service, for all CodeRed customers impacted by the shutdown.

To access these free services, just email [info@coderedcorp.com](mailto:info@coderedcorp.com?subject=Business Continuity Service) or call us at (216)-400-8007 with your contact info and a brief explanation of your situation. If our phone lines are busy, please leave a message.

We’ll make it through this together, and come out stronger on the other side,

Vince Salvino
Owner, CodeRed LLC