Hey, it's been a while. We at CodeRed have had a delightfully crazy 2017, and 2018 is shaping up to be the same. We wanted to take a moment to share what we've been working on and get some of your feedback. As a client, partner, or tech enthusiast, this is your opportunity to provide key insights that will shape our goals for the rest of the year. With your help, we will be able to further develop our services that will better take care of your business needs.

Our strength as a company is rooted in our commitment to secure web development. We are constantly analyzing our solutions and development practices to see how we can be doing more to protect our clients and improve the quality of our work. With that in mind, we have two big projects in the works for 2018.

CodeRed CMS

We have heavily used many different CMS’s, including WordPress, in the course of our work. Time and time again, these CMS’s seem to fall flat in different ways. WordPress is continually prone to security and performance issues due to low quality plugins and shoddy support from theme and plugin developers. “Enterprise” systems such as Sitecore and Kentico have great support, but are very bloated and too expensive for smaller projects. To innovate and change our practices for the better, we are building a new CMS.

A preview of CodeRed CMS, built on the open-source wagtail CMS framework.

A preview of CodeRed CMS, built on the open-source wagtail CMS framework.

Building on top of existing open source web frameworks, we are creating the CodeRed CMS with specific focus on: fast speed, high security, ADA compliance, developer-friendliness, and a beautiful easy-to-use dashboard. This will make it a go-to solution for our future web development projects. Best of all, it will be open source and absolutely free! We expect our CMS to reach a 1.0 beta release near the end of 2018.

Secure Cloud Hosting

In tandem with the CodeRed CMS, we have been developing an all new hosting platform for our clients. Our hosting platform is specifically designed for two purposes: extreme speed, and high security. We intend to make it easy to use and without the “clunkiness” that you would typically see from the bigger hosting platforms. Our platform is built on AWS, the largest cloud provider in the world, enabling your site to benefit from cutting edge technology that no other traditional hosting provider currently offers. We expect our new cloud platform to go live this Fall, with existing sites being seamlessly migrated this Winter.

Preview of the new CodeRed hosting panel.

Preview of the new CodeRed hosting panel.

But We Need Your Help

We strive to offer the absolute best services to our customers – not just the best in Cleveland, but the best in the world. As our CMS and new hosting platform take shape in 2018, we would find your feedback invaluable. We are asking our clients, partners, web developers, and marketing gurus to take a quick survey. Your feedback will directly impact these two new products.

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