Announcing New Free Tier and Enterprise Plans for CodeRed Cloud

It's been 2 years since we initially opened up the public release of CodeRed Cloud to early adopters and beta testers. A lot of amazing things have happened in those past two years, and I am truly grateful for the many Python, Django, and Wagtail users who have supported us as beta testers and paying customers. As a small company, your business means so much to us and I want to take this opportunity to personally say "thank you".

As the platform has matured, we are now offering a new set of plans which have been designed around our customers' needs.

Free Tier

Everyone is now eligible for our permanent Free tier, which includes the basics for running a fully-featured Wagtail, Django, or WordPress site!

Existing beta tester plans will slowly be converted to the free tier this year. Beta tester customers will be individually notified with plenty of time in advance before this happens.

Sign up for a free plan here

New Professional Plans

Our existing Professional plan will continue unchanged, but we have added two new higher-powered professional plans as well. These plans are ideal for customers running heavy production workloads (such as business-critical or industrial applications) and heavily-trafficked APIs.

The new P2 and P4 plans are essentially double and quadruple capacity versions of the Professional plan, which is still our #1 most popular plan.

See high-capacity plans

New Enterprise Plans

Behind the scenes we have been developing a lot of under-the-hood features to support the needs of enterprise customers. With our new Enterprise plan, CodeRed Cloud can now support customer-specific feature sets and privatized cloud infrastructure (e.g. customers have their own virtual LAN). With Wagtail being adopted more and more by larger businesses, universities, and governments, CodeRed is well-suited to handle these industry-specific needs.

We hope that whatever your app size, from prototype to small business website to busy APIs, CodeRed will be the best choice to serve your Django and Wagtail needs.