I am beyond excited to introduce CodeRed CMS, a content management system for building modern marketing websites.

CodeRed CMS is our free open-source CMS for businesses, nonprofits, and marketing agencies seeking a more professional solution than WordPress. It was designed from the ground up to be a lean mean content machine with tools to help managers save time, and developers work faster.

The professional WordPress alternative.

Most important of all is support and quality control. We've been working with WordPress for many years, and it has honestly caused so much frustration and wasted time for our team. WordPress is simply not the right tool for the job - but what is the right tool? CodeRed CMS is ideal for marketing websites: Create beautiful content that tells your story. Develop enhancements effortlessly. Operate a fast, secure, optimized site with near zero maintenance.

Open source freedom + business stability.

We've learned a lot from our combined enterprise and open source experience. I am proud to say that CodeRed CMS is truly the best of both worlds - stable and supported, while being modern and fun to use. I personally could not be more pleased with the results.

A special thanks to our hard working team, and everyone in the open source community (django and wagtail especially) for making this happen.

With that, here's to a future of better websites!

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