Wow, what a week! As always, we are leaving PyCon 2019 both exhausted and incredibly re-invigorated.

I'm very pleased at the progress made on CodeRed CMS during the PyCon sprints. Here's a preview of what we got done and what is coming soon in the next release or two.

Stream Forms

[PR #171] Based on wagtail-flexible-forms by NoriPyt, we have implemented a new Advanced Form page type that supports multiple steps, conditional logic, and content and form fields mixed together in a single streamfield! This feature will be upcoming in our 0.15 release; and we are currently piloting it on an existing large CodeRed CMS site.


Our newest CodeRed team member, Hayley, has started creating our first ever theme for CodeRed CMS! This theme will not only look snazzy, but will also serve as an example for 3rd party themes. Theme support is probably still a few releases out, but I am pleased to have started making good progress, as it is our most requested feature.

Environment Specifier Banner

[PR #178] Thanks to new contributor Sean Harrison who made his first pull request to CodeRed CMS! We now have the ability to add a small customizable banner to both front-end and back-end (wagtail admin) based on the Django settings. The purpose of this is to alert content editors as to which environment they are viewing or working in, since that can often be a point of confusion.

Sass Support

[PR #182] We have refactored our internal CSS to use Sass, which provides more modular styles for each block, page, and other components. Thanks to libsass providing wheels for nearly every platform, this requires no C compiler, no JavaScript, and no external dependencies outside of Python whatsoever! We are also working on documentation and a new pip package that will provide the same ease of development for using Sass in Django projects with pure Python!

Improved Documentation

[PR #181] Documentation has been added to and better organized, including work on a thorough tutorial for newcomers. Documentation updates will also be in our upcoming 0.15 release.

Unit Tests

[PR #179] We now (finally) have our first phase of unit testing in CodeRed CMS. Team member Cory has laid down a nice paradigm for testing our custom models and blocks, and we plan to continue adding more tests with every new commit.

Continuous Integration

Another "first" for the project, we have begun setting up continuous integration via GitHub to automatically run unit tests and other quality control metrics whenever new code is created.

GitHub Issue Templates

[PR #177] Another measure for control quality and consistency, we have set up issue templates to choose from when creating GitHub issues. And fear not, we also have a special "Community" template to make it easy for newcomers to ask questions and inquiries.