Cyber Security

Not only does security ensure operational excellence within our own firm — it provides insight to how the ever-changing threat landscape can impact yours.

Holistic Cyber Monitoring

Trust your technology. Our solution provides truly holistic security — monitoring your website and web apps; online business risk; endpoints; and threats across the network, WiFi, and Bluetooth. Not limited to your own network, our solution also detects threats from neighboring and nearby networks. A fusion of hardware, software, and expert ingelligence — we compoud gathered data to build threat insight specific to your organization.

Holistic Cyber Monitoring »

Network & Application Assessments

Assessments range from discovering and resolving vulnerabilities on your company website, external and internal applications, or your entire corporate network. Our security professionals keep up with the latest vulnerabilities and exploits, as well as maintain close ties to both private-sector and federal intelligence sources.

Incident Response

Have an emergency, think you have an emergency, or simply want the comfort of having a company on call to advise at a moment's notice? We specialize in small to medium businesses and local governments to ensure remediation. We keep you in the loop, make sure you understand the incident and your options, as well as, assist in public communication if necessary.


Our knowledgable security epxerts can help navigate the complicated web of compliance. Committed to your success, we engage our security team, development team, and outside counsel such as legal and finance partners to ensure the best possible outcomes.

  • PCI — for electronic credit card payments.
  • HIPAA — personal health information.
  • SOX — finance and fraud controls.
  • SAS 70/SSAE-16 — Services and Cloud Audits.
  • ISO-27001 — information Security Management Systems.
  • NIST — Improving your security infrastructure from 800-53 to the cyber security framework.
  • Contact us to discuss your unique compliance challenges.

Security Advisory Services

Policy & Governance

We have industry experience in a multitude of verticals to review current policies or RFP requirements, develop policies and RFPs, or assist in developing an entire governance roadmap for your specific business need.

Source Code Security

Are you a technology company or company that produces a lot of custom code? We specifically have expertise in reviewing source code to ensure security and integrating.

Secure SDLC

If you do not have security integrated into your software lifecycle, we specifically have the expertise to ensure your code is properly getting reviewed before production.

Penetration Tests

Need an application or system tested, but do not have the budget? Contact us and we will advise what you should and can do in your situation!

Controls Audit

We have experience in building programs from scratch and providing you with a roadmap that aligns with your business, focusing on the CIS Critical Controls.


Not sure what you should be doing other than you need to do something. We can assist in getting your business on the right track based on your needs.